7-Year-Old Boy Helps Raise Money For His Friend Battling Cancer

Zac and Vincent are the epitome of best friends in the most unconditional way, which makes it so hard to believe that theyre only 6 and 7 years old.

Zac was diagnosed with leukemia and it seemed that everyone around him went into shock and sorrow, buthe and his best friend were more focused on the positives, like recess and friendship.

Vincent wasnt so sure what exactly cancer was, so he did some research.

Vincent found out that Zacs white blood cells and red blood cells were fighting, and that he had expensive doctor’s visits and a battle ahead of him thatcould even change his appearance.

When Vincent realized Zac was going to be in debt from medical bills, and that he was going to be the only one with no hair, his solution was as incredible as this fellow 7-year-old who cut her hair off for her boyfriend.

What he does to help raise money for his friend is another imaginative solution with a great amount of love behind it.

It stands to be true, we could all learn a thing or two from great kids like these! Wouldnt you say?


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