A Review Of The Kylie Lip Kit: Surprisingly Worth The Money

So, Im pretty skeptical of anything that has the last name Kardashian or Jenner on it. Like, Kris is great at making her and her children millions, but honestly, on what planet am I spending $2.99 a month to follow Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, or Kylie on a stupid app when I could just turn on E! and watch their reality show or open Snapchat and see their million-second stories? They all have no chill. Ive never tried anything that had Kardashian Beauty slapped on it. Ill stick to my Chi, but thanks guys. Now Kylie has her lip kit and honestly, Ive found myself gravitating toward actually buying one. If I have a vicebesides, you know, drinking in excess and smoking the “occasional” bluntits definitely beauty products. Just ask my dad. I max out my his credit card at Sephora fairly often. Luckily my friends arent as cynical as I am about what Kylie does and doesnt have to do with the selling of her products (come on guysshe just signed your box and tried to convince you she was gangster. Mightve been a smart move, mightve even been her idea, but the girl has nothing else to do with making those lip kits) and they were nice enough to let my try it out. So now I can impart to you all the real lowdown on what theyre like.

Matte Shades

At 30 bucks a pop you get a lip liner and a matte liquid lipstick to match, and honestly, Ive spent more and gotten less. There are eight matte shades and I kid you not, three of them are brown. Not once in my life have I considered wearing anything brown on my lips (do I need to spell out for you that usually youll either a. look like you just ate a bunch of chocolate or b. that your lips will resemble an asshole and neither one of those things is good?) until this moment. These shades pretty much look great on all skin colors so +1 for Kylie. Not to mention, they stay put pretty nicely. If youre going for a day time look I recommend Candy K, Koko K, and Posie K. The rest feel like going out colors but you do you. For those who think Kourt K and Mary Jo K arent aggressive enough, never fearKylies newest round of mattes are metallic.

Gloss Shades

Kylies line of lip glosses run at $15 each and are meant to be paired with some of the lip liners from her matte lip kits. In my opinion, though, if you’re wearing lip liner with lip gloss you’re doing the most. Personally, the titles of the glosses are fucking stupid trip me up. “Like literally so cute” is a sentence that has actually come out of my mouth on multiple occasions, so either Im just an idiot or everyones having this issue.

Regardless, the glosses are kind of where its at right now. Im a fairly pale individual with thin lips so I dont really like to accentuate them too much, which is exactly where So Cute comes in. Its the perfect shade for someone like me. But much like her matte shades, these look good on everyone. Another plus? Lip gloss has a tendency to be super sticky and these bypass that. Like, Literally, and So Cute are all very buttery and wont leave your boyfriend wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

So, in conclusion, if you can actually get your hands on a lip kitlike at this point, if you’re an Arabian princeyou should def cop one.