Boy Uses Money He Got From The Tooth Fairy To Buy Doughnuts For Cops

It’s a stereotype we see often in movies, TV shows, and in other forms of media: cops love doughnuts. It may be an idea as old as time, but we don’t know anyone whodoesn’t love the delectable dessert!

However, young kids wouldn’t necessarily know the difference between the stereotype and real life. One 6-year-old didn’t, but officers in his neighborhood are still thanking him for a small, yet significant, gesture.

Little Brendan Bowman loves doughnuts and assumed that because he likes them, the officers did, too.

He recently received money from the tooth fairy or at least, what he thought was the tooth fairy and decided not to spend it on himself. The compassionate kid spent his earnings on boxes of glazed doughnuts, and delivered them to the station with his siblings to thank the cops for keeping them safe and secure.

The officers, whether they liked the doughnuts or not, were extremely grateful for the kind gesture. In hard times like these, every good intention counts!

Brendan surely made his entire family proud. And who knows what he’ll do the next time the tooth fairy comes to visit!

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