Couple Pulls Into Tire Shop, Then Girlfriend Looks Closer At Huge Sign And Sees Message For Her

Sometimes, proposals take a lot of planning. Days, weeks, even months can go into planning the perfect marriage proposal. I can only imagine how long it took to organize this one. Of course, there are those who would prefer a simple one, or even a spur-of-the-moment proposal, showcasing unique effort and spontaneity. In the case of the gentleman in the video below, all his proposal needed was the right tire shop sign.

This past Friday, February 10, a man from Louisville Kentucky decided to propose to his girlfriend.

If you’re expecting a lavish, out-of-this-world proposal, well, this is quite different.

Reuben, the man behind the proposal, was pulling into the parking lot of a tire shop with his girlfriend Kristal.

They pulled in for car service, and everything was completely normal.

Of course, that’s what Kristal thought, because not many women would expect to be proposed to at a tire shop.

However, the employees of the shop were in on the surprise, as they changed the letters around on the shop’s sign before they arrived.

When Reuben and Kristal got out of the car, she realized that he was purposefully leading her toward the sign.

She still didn’t realize what was going on, though, until Reuben began leaning directly towards the message.

That’s when the surprise hit her, and all the shock that comes with it!

Check out her reaction and her reply to his proposal, and please SHARE the video below!

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