Darrelle Revis To Be Charged In Fight That Leaves Two Men Unconscious

A lawyer for New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis says his client was on the defensive during a street fight in Pittsburgh on Sunday but law enforcement apparently disagrees.

Pittsburgh police said Thursday they have charges pending against the four-time All-Pro for robbery, conspiracy, aggravated assault and terroristic threats.

In the early hours confrontation with Revis, two men were knocked out cold for several minutes, police said in a release posted by the citys Department of Public Safety. The trouble supposedly began when one of the men spotted Revis on a Pittsburgh street and asked him if he was indeed the football player. Receiving an affirmative, the man began following him as he filmed the veteran star, police say.

Revis then took the mans phone and attempted to delete the video. The other man tried to intervene, prompting Revis to throw the phone on the ground, according to the release. A verbal confrontation then escalated to physical as an associate joined Revis.

The release states that the two men were able to speak with police. Witnesses told cops that the two were unconscious for about 10 minutes, police say. Officers retrieved the video and were able to determine that the person encountered by the two men was Revis.

Blaine Jones, Revis lawyer, gave a different account to a CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh. He said that Revis was not the aggressor that night. He was the victim. He tried to retreat.

As of mid-morning Friday, Revis had yet to surrender to police. According to Jones, Revis would turn himself in rather soon.

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