Jakarta on Instagram: chaos v calm in the Indonesian megacity in pictures

Local Instagrammers got involved in our #GuardianJakarta week, sharing photos exploring the wide spectrum of life in the complex capital and how its changing

While we spent a week reporting on Indonesias sprawling, busy capital, a team of talented Instagrammers from the city showed us Jakarta through their eyes from kids playing in the sunshine and the energy of the unity in diversity parade to the madness of rush hour and the citys stark inequalities.

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// a delightful sight // #GuardianJakarta . For those who live and (especially) drive in Jakarta, this kind of traffic-free-road is certainly a sight that we always hope for everytime we get into a car and head to the place where we need to be. Jakarta has one of the worst traffic in the world and stand still traffic is just another part of our daily life. You have never experienced a real traffic jam until you experience one in Jakarta (or one of the other South East Asian countries that are having the same problem). . And with this, I’m concluding my Jakarta series as part of #GuardianJakarta week hosted by @guardiancities. Hope you guys enjoy a little bit of my hometown from this series and thank you @guardiancities for letting me participate in the Jakarta week! . p.s: Tonight I’m heading to Japan for the first time, so stay tuned for more updates from the trip. .

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Jakarta known as diverse city, there are many different people from different cultural backgrounds and with different lifestyles. In this way Jakarta reflects Indonesia as a whole. One of the resident in Jakarta enjoyed the traditional dance during Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Parade. As part of thousands of residents from Greater Jakarta gathered around the Arjuna Wijaya Statue (known as Horses Statue) area on MH Thamrin Street, Central Jakarta, on Saturday to join in the Bhineka Tunggal Ika Parade, which is the national motto meaning “unity in diversity”. Wearing red and white clothes and traditional attire, the residents called on the nation to maintain unity amid recent tensions, including after the 411 conflict and the molotov attack on a church in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, which injured four children, one of which passed away. This is part of @guardiancities week in Jakarta #guardianjakarta #instasunda #instastreetid_1book #SPiCollective #labellalibertad #geonusantara #nikonindonesia #ig_street #streetleaks #streetphotography #jakarta #indonesia #sfi_streetphotography #challengerstreets #vsco #ourstreets #maklumfoto

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In frame: typical traffic jam in Jakarta’s busiest street around Senayan area on rush hour, blank space in the middle of the street is the MRT Jakarta construction. @guardiancities #GuardianJakarta ______________________________________________________ With more than 10 millions people live in Jakarta today, the city need mass public transportation more than ever. Transport issues have increasingly begun to attract political attention and it has been foreseen that without a major transportation breakthrough, congestions will overwhelm the city into a complete traffic gridlock by 2020. To overcome that “prophecy”, the rail-based Jakarta MRT is now on progress expected to stretch across over 110 kilometres, including 2 Phases: Phase I: 23km for the North-South Line targeted to operate in 2018. Phase II: 87km for East-West Line targeted to operate in 2025.

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Yah, ketauan satpam 🙁 #streetmeetina #GuardianJakarta week for @guardiancities

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