Man Locks Eyes With Stranger On The Train, Then Realizes She Followed Him Off At The Wrong Stop

Love can find one in the strangest of places and at the funniest of times. You never know when Cupid will strike even if it’s on the train on your way to work!

That’s exactly how Susan and Ed met. As if in a fairytale, they locked eyes while riding the light rail, at a time when people would normally avoid eye contact. They were instantly drawn to one another so much so that Susan accidentally followed Ed off the train, getting off at the wrong stop!

Theirs was a natural connection: the two started talking and continued their conversation all the way to Susan’s job, where Ed dropped her off.

They had no idea their relationship would blossom into much more. In fact, Ed had turned to a higher power in search for love. He was tired of feeling lonely and wanted to spend his life with a partner. He prayed, and the next week, Susan came into his life!

That was in 2015. Now, over a year later, the two lovebirds are planning to get married!

It’s a story you think only exists in the movies, but Ed and Susan, a real-life couple, are as happy as can be.

Was the love story between you and your spouse as romantic as this? Tell us about it in the comments!

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