They Just Got the Olympic Medal Youve Never Heard of& It’s More Elite Than Gold

Only 17 people in Olympic history have ever received it, until Abbey DAgostino and Nikki Hamblin…

For two weeks every two years, the Olympics brings out a laundry list of inspirational stories, jaw-dropping triumphs and heartwarming snapshots. Abbey DAgostino and Nikki Hamblinpersonify all of that.

During round one of the Womens 5000 meter race, American Abbey DAgostino and New Zealands Nikki Hamblin got tripped up and tumbled to the ground. They quickly helped each other up and decided there was only one thing they could do nowfinish what they started.

Together both women through bloody limbs and injured knees crossed the finish line and embraced each other in a hughere are your heartwarming snapshots.