Ways To Make Serious Money From Selling Your Things At A Yard Sale

Having a yard sale is a great way to clear out some of the clutter in your house and make a couple of bucks while you’re at it. Not only does it benefit you — they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

While it might seem pretty self-explanatory to have a sale on your front lawn, if you really want to have a successful one, there are a few things you should know first…

1. Get everything in one place.

It might sound obvious, but before you can even get started, you need to gather everything you intend to sell. Along the way, you’ll find items that you will only be able to recycle or trash. Make separate boxes for those.

2. Get some help.

It can be stressful and overwhelming to conduct a yard sale all by your lonesome, so ask some friends to give you a hand. They can help with sorting, pricing things, and even offer insight on the overall layout of the sale. Just be sure to send them a thank you note when all’s said and done.

3. Price things before you start selling.

You know what sucks? Trying to haggle for everything. People are going to lowball you to the max. By placing a price on an item, customers are more likely to respond and pay for the item at the price you set. If they want to do some haggling, be prepared for war!

4. Create ambience.

While it’s not required, when you create a cool vibe at your yard sale, it sets it apart from the pack. People may be more likely to come to yours and spend money at it.

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5. Consider your layout.

If you just throw everything on the ground or on a table, it’ll look like a sloppy mess. No one wants to see that! Not only will they not be able to find what they’re after, things can easily get “lost” (stolen) along the way. Having a good presentation can work wonders on your profit margin. Have separate piles for different types of items (toys, dinnerware, clothing, etc.).

6. Have a sign.

You’ll want to draw as many people to your yard sale as possible, so you need to advertise it! Place signs in well-populated areas or even try to take an ad out in a local newspaper. Make sure it has all pertinent information on it and be prepared for swarms of people coming to your house because of it.

7. Don’t display everything.

It might sound counterintuitive, but if you display everything you intend to sell right out of the gate, it may overwhelm people. Strategically set aside reserve items that you intend to bring out later. No one wants to rummage through a full rack of clothes, but if you place a few high-quality items on a rack, people are bound to feel less overwhelmed skimming through them.

8. Keep an eye on the weather.

Nothing ruins a good yard sale like inclement weather. Be sure to check the weather to see if it will be nice on the day of your yard sale. This is important because you don’t want your items ruined and you also don’t want no one showing up to the sale.

9. Plan for the stuff that doesn’t sell.

Face it: no one is going to want that weird monkey lamp or those ugly tap shoes. Have a plan in place for the stuff that doesn’t intrigue buyers. Come to terms with the fact that you’ll either donate or trash those things.

(via Back To The Roots)

Remember these tips next time you’re hankering to get rid of some of the stuff around your house. It could earn you more than a few extra bucks!