Here’s How Much Money You’ll Get Back From Uber Thanks To This Lawsuit

After settling two lawsuits amounting to $28.5 million, Uber will be givingthat money back to its users. The lawsuits addressthe misleading language Uber uses to describe its safetymeasures, includingsafest ride on the road and industry-leading background checks.”

The Washington Post reports the lawsuit alleged the ride-sharing service did not check drivers against the national sex-offender registry, nor did ituse fingerprint identification. As a result, the “safe rides fee” Ubercharged for every ride was considered unjust.

So, if you took a ride withUber at some point in the last three years anywhere in the US, you’re entitled to a chunk of that multi-million dollar settlement.

Before you start putting big screen TVs on layaway, though, know that chunk will likely be very small. On average, we’re talking $0.82 small. On the bright side, that’s still enough to buy a stamp, and mailing letters is so retro!

Keep an eye out for a random bonus dollar, as Uber will be depositing cash directly into users’ bank accounts.

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