Missing Note Found At Disney Contains Incredible Message

Have you ever had a stranger do something for you for no reason other than out of the kindness of their own heart? Maybe you’ve done something for strangers, like pay for a random family’s meal at a restaurant or give the literal shirt off your back to a homeless person. These random acts of kindness can change lives, and they are unfortunately all too rare in today’s society. When Emily Gibby got her chance to help out someone she never met, she made the most of the opportunity. 

Emily works at Disneyland in California – the happiest place on Earth. One day, while she was patrolling her usual spot in Fantasyland, she noticed something unusual on the ground. Emily had no idea that what she found would lead her on a life-changing search for a child in need and would capture the attention of hundreds of thousands of people across the Internet. 

Keep reading to learn about Emily’s remarkable journey and how you can help out. 

This is the red lanyard Emily found on the ground during a Pin Release event at Disneyland on March 24.

The note attached read, “Hello! I am autistic, and I don’t talk much, but I would like to trade for Mickey pins!”  


The note immediately broke Emily’s heart, and she made it her personal mission to find the owner of the lanyard. So, she turned to her Facebook friends for help.

Emily and her co-workers filled up the lanyard with the pins that the child had requested. Now, they just needed to find who it belonged to. 

Emily kept posting updates as more and more people heard about her search and wanted to help out.

Her message has been shared over 1,500 times, but the original owner has still yet to be found. She is asking that anyone who may have any information to contact Disneyland lost and found services at (714) 817-2166.  


Meanwhile, Emily is using her new viral platform to promote autism awareness. April is Autism Awareness Month and she hopes all of her new followers will participate.

Emily posted the photo above in honor of the owner of the missing lanyard and wrote:

I have always known that people with autism have daily struggles that some of us will never realize, but recently I have learned that something as small as losing a possession could drastically change their day, week, or even their month… This month I am challenging myself to learn more about autism so that I can clearly and efficiently communicate better to people that may have it. And I implore you to learn as well!

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