Two Boys Give Rihanna A Run For Her Money With Cover Of We Found Love

You’ve heard her songs a million times on the radio, but I guarantee you’ve never heard any of them quitethe the cover of “We Found Love” by the two boys in the video below.

“Talent” may well be a bit of an understatement here.

The boy in red has us, the viewers, convinced that he’s too nervous to deliver the kind of performance he’d need to put on to top even half of the range that Rihanna brings to the2011 chart-topper. The confident little boy to his left with a guitar in his lap is at first the more mesmerizing of the two confidently strumming away while his buddy shuffles some sneakers toes against the cement.

But about 20 seconds in, we hear the boy in red begin the intro. “Yellow diamonds in the light,” he begins, and suddenly it’s impossible to pull your eyes from this little boy with his hands stuffed sheepishly in his pockets. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this adorable duo.

Around the 1:00 mark, the boy with the guitar raps a bit that’s peppered with some high notes and trust me, it’s worth watching these cuties all the way through to the end. (And for the avid Rihanna fans among us, allow me to direct you to another incrediblecover of Riri’s “Stay.”)

Watch out Calvin Harris, these kids are coming for you.

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